Independent Democrat Seth Breland


The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated an affordable housing crisis that has plagued New York City for decades. The pandemic has had a debilitating effect on renters struggling to pay off thousands of dollars in back rent and facing the possibility of future eviction. However, even before this, we faced systemic issues contributing to a lack of affordable housing. I plan to tackle these issues head on. I will advocate to…

  • Direct more funding to NYCHA to go towards repairs that make NYCHA facilities safer and more liveable.
  • Encourage the expansion of homeownership by lowering the property tax burden on homeowners in our community.
  • Fund a public education campaign for the NYCHA Ombudsman Call Center in order to make tenants aware of their resources to report dangerous mold and leaks.
  • Protect tenants for the remainder of the coronavirus pandemic by continuing to prevent evictions for tenants unable to pay rent due to economic effects of COVID.
  • Build more supportive housing units and offer programs to provide the seniors, homeless, substance abusers, and those suffering from mental health issues with an affordable and safe environment to live in transitionally or permanently. However, we must build these units in areas that make sense logistically and have the support of the surrounding communities.
  • Change the framework of Mandatory Inclusionary Housing so that housing is actually affordable to local residents by altering area median income measurements to be more reflective of actual neighborhood incomes.
  • Reform the ULURP Process to allow community groups an earlier role in discussions with City Planning and Developers in order for a community’s affordable housing needs to be better taken into account with new projects.