Independent Democrat Seth Breland


The COVID-19 pandemic has shined a spotlight on the longstanding health inequity in both our City and our country. To address this healthcare crisis we must look at both the social determinants of health and at access to healthcare. We must tackle the fundamental systemic inequities that people in vulnerable black and brown communities face and lead to bad health outcomes. We must also look at ways to provide better access to care for those underserved communities. I will advocate to…

  • Keep NYC Health and Hospitals (NYCH+H) adequately funded by working in Albany to continue providing them the annual subsidy they need to care for all New Yorkers.
  • Work with NYCH+H to devise new revenue mechanisms such as placing retail pharmacies in NYCH+H facilities, increasing enrollment on their Metro Plus healthcare plan, and making their billing practices more efficient.
  • Partner with lawmakers to add transparency to the pharmacy benefit manager process and medicare drug price negotiation process in order to lower the costs of prescription drugs for our seniors
  • Support plans for expansion of universal broadband so all New Yorkers have access to new telehealth initiatives at NYCH+H and private hospitals. Telehealth is the future of healthcare in the world after COVID-19.
  • Add in implicit bias training for doctors, increase midwife access at public and private hospitals, and create a citywide maternal morbidity commission to address our current maternal morbidity crisis disproportionately affecting black and brown families.
  • Fund more robust nutrition education programs in our schools so from a young age children have the right resources and toolkit to make healthy eating decisions.
  • Reform the zoning code to expand incentives for new supermarkets in food deserts in order to increase access to healthy produce in vulnerable communities
  • Combat vaccine hesitancy by investing in outreach and public education programs in black and brown communities with a high rate of vaccine hesitancy. Vaccine hesitancy is a systemic issue well beyond the COVID-19 vaccine.