Independent Democrat Seth Breland


Our campaign is focused on securing funding for our schools.  We need to make certain families maintain the right to control their children’s education. I will advocate to…

  • Fully fund our schools to ensure all students have the resources they need to be college and career ready. We must empower community education councils and Superintendents when it comes to allocating resources to school districts.
  • Address vaping among youth and the drug industries that continue to target young people.
  • Protect parents’ and students’ option of taking exams, such as the SHSAT.  However, we should also strive to elevate our local schools with better enrichment and specialized programs so that students don’t feel the need to look outside their area. I also believe in greater access to free test prep for specialized schools, as well as the SAT.
  • Support free community programs for working class families.
  • Reopen schools safely and provide additional services that would address the social/emotional and educational needs of the students.
  • Give all students access to free technology and Wi-Fi for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Make CUNY and SUNY free for all NY residents.  
    • Moreover, the Excelsior Scholarship should be revamped to include more middle-class families who may be earning above the income limit, yet still have difficulty meeting the rising costs of a CUNY and SUNY education.