Independent Democrat Seth Breland


The generation of leaders before us failed to take action in the wake of the climate crisis Now, we are charged with slowing the impacts of climate change, making certain our communities are able to survive and thrive in changing environments. More than ever, our parks are a vital part of the community. In my Queens, we have some of the biggest parks in the city. I will advocate to…

  • Expand the City’s proposed Resiliency Wall to include the outer-boroughs, so we can better protect property and help our communities withstand changing climate conditions.
  • Expand the programs/activites offered, by our parks, to surrounding communities.
  • Reinvest in the clean up and protection of the Long Island Sound and Alley Pond Park in Northeastern Queens.
  • Expanding the wildlife protection that is offered at Alley Pond Park Environmental center.
  • Transition all public buildings, including public schools and jails, to sustainable and clean energy sources.